Tips on Finding a Proper Hardwood Floor Vacuum

September, 2017

To be sure that you have got a proper hardwood floor vacuum, you need to ensure that certain factors have been considered, including the finish and the type of wood, as well as the way of installing the flooring. It's wrong to use cleaners which are designed for laminate floors as the latter require a significant amount of water, while wooden floors require the minimal amount of liquid.

Hardwood flooring can greatly enhance the look and the value of your home, particularly when it perfectly harmonizes with the pieces of furniture in your room. After the hardwood floor is installed you will certainly want to preserve it by caring for it as best as you can. A hardwood floor vacuum is the main helper in this task.

There're different types of hardwood floors, thus, they can be made of diverse sorts of wood such as hickory, elm, maple, ash, cypress, oak, teak, walnut, cherry and bamboo. All of these wood kinds are different. They can differ in color, hardness, and stability. Some are just extremely hard including Caribbean Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, and Bloodwood, while others are softer - Douglas Fir, Chestnut, and North American Cherry. Every wood type requires different maintenance and cleaning procedures. These factors determine the choice of a vacuum.

Apart from the type of wood and its hardness, it's also important to consider finishes of hardwood floor. Thus, for instance, unfinished wood floors have to be cleaned differently than the finished and sealed ones. The way you treat your floor's surface influences its flexibility and water-resistance. Polyurethanes and urethanes serve to shield your floor from damage and don't require any waxing.

Speaking about wax finishes it's necessary to say that they are not very glossy because they tend to penetrate the wood cells rather than staying on top like other finishes do. Floors with wax finishes have to be periodically buffed to start shining again.

If there is much traffic in your area, you may choose to increase the durability and hardness of the floor by applying an acrylic finish.

Keeping these tips in mind, many people will find out that hardwood floors are not so difficult to maintain. And to ensure the longevity and beauty of hardwoods you're advised to follow the next guidelines and certainly use a hardwood floor vacuum regularly.

Regularly sweep and vacuum the floor to keep it maximally clean and free of dust that can scratch the floor finish easily.

Use mops specially designed for hardwood floors. Never use too much water.

Use doormats or rugs near the doors from the outside. They will prevent your floors to be scratched by sand.

Ensure that your pieces of furniture have pads to avoid scratches when moving them.

Try to keep the stable level of humidity in your room - 45%. At other indexes the wood can get too dry or on the contrary swell.

Such places as counters or sinks should have floor mats to protect the floor from scratches and water.

Direct light ca negatively influence the wood floor - it will fade faster and can even lose its initial color.

A hardwood floor vacuum should never scratch the surface in anyway. Check up whether there are any visible nails in the floor that can catch your vacuum.

Try to purchase as lightweight and high-rate vacuum as possible. They can be often sold at discounts. Use Kirby vacuums for cleaning wood floors and laminate.

A good hardwood floor vacuum is able to prolong the life of your flooring.