Puli Temperament and Lifespan

January, 2017

Breed Puli takes its origin from the territories in the foothills of Tibet. However, with the nomads - Magyars in the year 1000 AD the dog hit first in eastern Hungary, and from there spread throughout Europe.

The dogs of this breed are very energetic and unpretentious. Their wool cover is very dense and warm - it protects the dog from the cold and rain. These qualities allow to consider the puli to be one of the best herding dogs. Besides its main purpose, the puli gained fame as a good guard dog. They are distinguished by an infinite devotion to the master. Puli is also used for the investigative work because of the good ability to learn and train.

By nature they are cheerful and unpretentious. They are quite hardy, well trainable. They know how to swim and jump. Independent by nature, but they like when all family members get together. Puli is very attached to the master, it has positive attitude to the young children. In relation to strangers it can be aggressive if they feel their behavior a threat to the host. The life expectancy of the dog is about 15 years and longer.

How Much Does a Puli Cost and Price Range

The price for Puli dog is about $600-$1000. The breed and show quality dogs cost up to $1000 and the pet class dog can be found at the price a bit cheaper than $500-600.

Puli Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Its height at withers usually does not exceed 50 cm. The weight ranges from 13 to15 kg. Among Hungarian herding dogs puli is the smallest one. The representatives of the breed have rather broad chest, solid but narrow head, flat forehead. Eyes are of brown coffee color, round in shape. The ears are hanging to the end of the round. Neck is dry, low hocked. The skull is slightly convex and eyebrows are pronounced. Noticeable shift from forehead to muzzle. Nose is large. The tail is lowered or twisted into a ring, not only stands out from the thick wool. Color is gray or black. Wool is thick, stiff, twisted into cords. Puli are born with gray wavy hair, color and texture of wool is gained only when they are about two years old.

Puli Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Interesting facts: Puli dogs are one of the most famous shepherd dogs; in the past, for good puppies a cow was given. Shepherd dog valued very highly, it was strongly protected from the possible damage. At the same time care for the dog as well as feeding were not obligatory: the shepherd could give the dog bacon and bread crust during the day. But if the Puli had something to be blamed for, then the inevitable punishment followed: dogs hung on the sump column.

The nature of the Puli was elaborated over the years. To date, it has not changed even in the course of work on the breed: breeders improve only the external appearance of the dog. It is better to keep Puli in the country, but not at home, because of the thick matted fur there is an unpleasant smell often.