Ideas for Your Sliding Patio Door Lock Selection

November, 2016

It is not a secret to anyone nowadays that the crime rates are demonstrating constant growth and one of the most popular types of crime is unauthorized access to other persons living premises for the purposes of burglary. So, any reasonable person should take measures to protect his or her home from being penetrated by a burglar. When speaking about detached private houses one of the most popular spots for entering it on the part of criminals is a sliding glass patio door. There are two reasons for this baleful popularity: sliding patio doors are usually hidden from the view of outsiders and neighbors since they ale located at the back of the house; they are also very often purely protected from unauthorized access.

As you can see, first of all, when thinking about anti-burglary protection of you home you should start the whole project from selecting the right lock for your sliding patio door. The security of your home should be given the highest priority, whether you live alone or with family and kids - whatever, look Headway Capital. When selecting the patio sliding door locks the security needs to come as the very first among all other considerations. After you have reliably secured the patio door against unauthorized access you will be able to enjoy the blessed piece of mind when you are away from home, especially on business trips or on holiday. And there are several considerations to keep in mind when selecting the sliding door lock, which will do the required job of your house protection in the most efficient way.

In the first place, if you are going to select the right security lock for your sliding patio door, is to make some research into this issue - you can either visit your nearest DIY hypermarket or research the sliding door lock issue through Internet. Both methods are quite efficient to find out about what types of patio door locks are available.

It would be quite reasonable to begin with considering the traditional latch types of patio door locks. Such locks come in several varieties and are fabricated from metal or PVC. But whatever the type, all they make use of a latch and are located on the handle of the door. The door is secured by a special lever. The lever can be pushed up or down - and in this way it blocks the door, preventing it from being opened from outside or inside. There are varieties of sliding door locks that come with a special key, so you can open the locked door from outside if you have the corresponding key. Such types of latch locks are more often used in business environment.

Another popular type is a security bar. Many house-owners opt for exactly this kind of their patio door locks. As a rule the security bar is made of sturdy steel and equipped with soft rubber ends to protect the door surface from scratches. This type of lock is installed from inside and is known to be very secure - the door is practically impossible to slide open without removing the security bar from its position. If you are concerned about the esthetic aspect of how your patio door looks then you can easily find an ornate security bar to match the style of your door. Another option in this regard would be a security bar located at the bottom of the sliding door, so it is invisible from outside and you do not have to worry how your patio door looks.

In combination with a latch lock some people prefer to use a deadbolt lock, and they find this combination very efficient. Deadbolts can be located both at the top and at the bottom of the patio door; in this case you have a double door security, which is always a good thing, considering the today's sky-rocketing crime level.

Of course, it might be a kind of a challenge selecting the lock that would be both nice-looking and reliably secure for your sliding patio door. On the other hand, the lock should be convenient to use, do not forget about this issue. But the selection process can be made a bit easier if you give some attention to a few different things, which should help you in the process of decision-making. First of all, think about those persons who are going to use the lock - it should be convenient to operate for all members of your household. The security issue is of priority, but, on the other hand, there should be possibility to quickly unlock the door if you need to leave the house in a hurry - in case of a fire, for instance, and this the second thing to think about. From this point of view you, probably, should refrain from using deadbolts in favor of a quick release locking bar - that would be a much better solution from such point of view.

I hope the above-mentioned considerations will be of help when you go to a store to buy a lock for your sliding patio door. The choice of sliding door locks is wide, but with a bit of provided guidance you should manage to select a lock that would be perfectly efficient for your patio door, keeping it safe against the intruders.