A Crying Appeal for the Obama Education Speech

July, 2017

The Obama education speech must be a crying appeal for those people who live in the "greatest nation" of the whole world. Taking into consideration the fact that the United States of America has started mislaying its strong authority among other countries of the world which pay a significant attention to the educational system, it seems uncertain that the United States of America are able to preserve their position as a country being a good example to other countries of the world.

Here are some proving truths for you to think over. The United States of America remain behind a great number of other countries in the system of education. The comparison of different systems of education was made of the base of the number of hours which are spent by students of different countries in school. Let's consider an example - in the United States of America students of elementary schools study approximately during 183 days a year. And in many other countries of the world including Japan, Korea, Singapore and others students usually spend about 243 days a year in school. There is no doubt that the United States of America suggest to their students 40% less elementary education than other countries! Thus, some of such students are rightfully called "overachievers".

The state of California has long been considered to be the "wonderful" one, but nowadays it is no longer that wonderful it used to be earlier. The percentage of unemployed people is more than 10% and California, may be called almost bankrupt. Unfortunately the governor of the state endorsed that in the year of 2009 $1.8 billion less were used in the field of education in comparison with 2008, source Casper Mattress. These data were proved in 2009, but the events of the year 2010 impress even more. The matter is that $4 Billion were taken away from the education budget of 2010! What is waiting for the sphere of education if the year of 2011?

Much trust and hope is laid upon the Obama education speech which is expected to touch the soul of every American and echo back from the heart of each Californian. An article by Tom Elias was recently published in one of the newspapers. The author emphasizes the fact that the dropout rate reached the point of approximately 33% in the state of California. Can you imagine what the number of thirty three percent means? In fact, it means that one third of all studying children will leave high school before their graduation. As a result, every third young person will be without higher education.

Further Tom Elias explains the issue why many Californian organizations very often search experienced and talented workers from other fields and suggest rather low salaries, and the jobs which do not require many special skills are left to the rest. It is not only very difficult to accept the fact that one of the "wealthiest states" on the "greatest nation" has experienced such a fast and intensive recession, but it is also dishonorable for Americans to believe in this truth.

But the Obama education speech turns to a much more ominous point which is of great importance to the United States of America. The program of education was initially designed to be a program that sets people free from poverty. The greater part of the countries belonging to the third world has much more serious problems than those connected with education. These problems concern war, epidemics, blight, starvation and many others. Thus, education is used as a key to avoiding very serious and striking problems by means of providing the popularity with the needed instruments in accordance to which people can develop their to elevate standards of their lives.

As it was already mentioned the United States of America has a low level of educational development and the deficiency of education maintenance in our country acts as a great handicap for the American society, first of all before the countries which are widely-known to be the countries of the third world. Those countries, so to say, deserve to have better system of education because it was formed during ages. It developed in the process of many wars as well as poverty and all these events influenced greatly he way of thinking of this or that nation. As a result, a great number of workers and working positions were created. Besides, all of these employable workers are nowadays extremely active, what is a great disadvantage for American people. Due to the contemporary development in all spheres of life including transportation, technology and science, many foreign workers have a great opportunity to travel all over the world. Thus, people from other countries may come to the United States of America for employment, earning money and making careers.

Probably, the Obama education speech should impress each listener as well as awake the desire to change it for better. Nevertheless, if this speech did not motivated you for anything of the kind, it is a personally disadvantage of yours. And the major problem of American educational system is not only the increasing number of lost jobs of experienced, well-trained and highly skilled people, but also the creation of not suitable atmosphere for future generations. The American nation is going to leave their children for a society which is less "well-off" than the previous generation. As a consequence, it should be emphasized that this is the first unpleasant event happening to the educational system of the United States of America. The only thing left for people is to believe that this is not the way the American history will be created for the future generations.